" they never cease to sing, holy, holy holy, is our Lord God almighty, who was and is and is to come..." Rev 4-8

I am often left speechless at the awesomeness of John's account of Heaven. Here is a man, caught up in the spirit, attempting to describe things that human language cannot possibly fully give justice to, and laboring to ensure that his readers would get at least a little grasp of what was before him.

Child of God, John saw more than he wrote, felt more than he describes and heard more than he shared. Everything in that realm was multiplied and the servant of God was left having to reduce it all to mere written words. What a difficult task it must have been.
Its one thing to describe Heaven with all it's glamor and beauty but quite another thing to describe God. How does one describe the indescribable?

This is why to capture the true essence of John's experience, one must enter the realm he was in, you must perceive the spirit behind what he wrote and be ushered there. One must be a partaker of John's experience.

Holy, Holy Holy is the oldest song ever sang. Heaven has heard the echoes of those words from the very foundations of the earth and yet till this very day, the song never grows old. More than 400 years separate the prophet Isaiah and John the beloved apostle and yet both heard the same chorus sang effortlessly in heaven. Even as I write this brief article I can almost hear the voices ring as a chorus of refrain over and over again.

Before God in the very depth of eternity, spirits worship. It is impossible in my opinion to truly understand worship, if your spirit does not join them there. You don't know what worship in spirit and truth is until your heart has attempted to imagine what John saw and then put yourself in his place.

I believe these beings before the Throne of God sing holy because they consistently see a side of Him they have never seen before. Considering this has been happening since the beginning of time, it leaves me speechless. You see child of God, only God is eternal, only He has no beginning and no end, and only he sits at the very pinnacle of power and authority.

Who is this being on a throne, who can have all power and yet not be corrupted by it? A being who not only can't die (for nothing spirit can die), but is life. He is the only being capable of giving and not having less after having given. He gives but does not give away. He never learns and has never been taught, therefore He never thinks a new thought. All He knows, he knows now. Such majesty!!!

Heaven is vast because this vast being on a throne calls it his home. Yet in all His vastness, he lives within born again men - a sign that we are more than what we appear. Child of God, you can't be summarised, you are vast.

When John says God had the appearance of Jasper, he isn't trying to describe God using Jasper, he is describing Jasper using God. When he says that God's voice was like a trumpet, the same thinking is applied. Since our Lord pre-existed all things, then they all find definition from Him.

Angels like humans are everlasting beings ( beginning with no end), yet seated on that majestic throne is one to whom they accord all honor and glory for He was and is and is to come. When God is described as eternal, it encompasses everything about Him, his love is eternal, His grace is eternal, His mercy, peace and Justice is eternal, nothing about Him ends.

Oh the mystery of John's experience, and the glory of this event. May each one of us have a similar encounter, not once but continuously, so we can have a glimpse of what worship in the heavenlies is like.

Worship must begin from a heavenly perspective to truly capture God's mind towards it. We don't worship because God needs our worship, but one glimpse of the power and beauty of the scene John saw, no being can fail to fall on their knees - not out of fear, but sheer awe.

Child of God, John saw more than he wrote, felt more than he describes and heard more than he shared.

In all honesty, so should we.

Article By: Rabbi Daniel Malinga
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