You live to die and die to live
You give to have and have to give
You're weak when strong and strong when weak
When trouble comes you are at your peak

You walk on earth but sit above
When hate is shown your choice is love
You gain to lose and lose to gain
When persecuted rejoice in pain

Oh spiritual man!

You ran but don't grow weary, you walk but do not faint
When people point at errors you're so certain your a saint

When you know, then you know nothing,
when you know nothing then you know
While others are busy eating you say fasting is how you grow

You look at what you can't see and forget what stands before you
Your future is yet to come ,yet what's to come is all around you

labelled poor yet you're rich, there is nothing you can't buy
Of all the things you'll get you'll find that none can satisfy

You're more than what you seem and your name is not your name
When born again you're new and yet on top you're still the same

You dethrone without a sweat and appoint with no position
To men found in the world surely your life is contradiction

You pray in words unknown
yet speak in tongues of men
The world can't understand
and yet there are some who comprehend

Without passport you travel
Without medicine you heal
What you see is what will fade
and the unseen is what is real

You dress to speak a message
provoke to make a point
To any man who will listen
you'll be ready to anoint

Oh spiritual man

Your logic is illogical and your sense makes no sense
Your parables are a mystery
a rock of offense
You're present when you're absent
and absent when you're present.

Oh spiritual man what a paradox you are!

Remain a paradox spiritual man don't you dare change your face
For by this time tomorrow you will be in a better place.
Article By: Rabbi Daniel Malinga
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