A man of God named GK Chesterton once declared " ... it is the paradox of history, that each generation is converted by the saint who contradicts it most.. What he meant was that looking down through the corridors of church history, he found that God often sent men to a generation that would find it hard to believe them because they contradicted it so much.

Such men were the voice of God but often would be neglected. When they spoke, God spoke through them, how they appeared was a message, and their actions echoed oracles from heaven. It needed spiritual eyes to see God in them and indeed these same eyes are needed today.

These men God sent would often contradict in appearance, message or mode of operation. Sometimes all three at once. If you didn't look like how people expected you to say what they expected you to say or perform the way they wanted you to perform, then you weren't sent from God. This was a key factor that led to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the supreme prophet.

It is clear without a shadow of a doubt that as church history transitioned, the messenger became a pinnacle point for the people to believe the message:

"We will believe the message in any form as long as we approve of the messenger..

was their stance.

It's no wonder that a majority of the old testament prophets were only believed to be true prophets long after they had died and their prophesies had come to pass. Such a heavy spotlight is put on the messenger that the message is put aside until the vessel is approved.

Many would agree that God consults no man when he ordains a vessel and sends it as a steward of his message, and yet how often men question those God has sent.

Who sent you? How do we know? they often query. While there is nothing wrong with asking questions, it is clear that if you have spent time with God, you will recognise Him when he comes through someone else. Here lies the mystery why Prophetess Ann and Simeone recognised baby Jesus and yet not a single Pharisee or rabbi knew who he was.

It is clear that in order to perceive a true vessel of God, one must have grown in the art that Paul referred to as " ... no longer regard men according to the flesh..." 1 cor 5:16 You must see beyond what you see, hear beyond what you hear and feel beyond what you feel. Look deeper and find God, if indeed He can be found.

The biggest hindrance to the move of God in any generation has been tradition. If there has ever been an understanding that men need to have, it's that no matter how powerful God moves today, He moves on, (although in reality He actually doesn't move on, men just get a deeper understanding of what he is doing). The key is to discern when God has moved and break camp and move with him. The clash between Jesus and the Pharisees was a clash between the spirit of revelation and the spirit of tradition, and this wasn't the first time the two spirits were clashing, it all began with Cain and Abel and still goes on today.

Tradition (religion) is when men believe in God but have never heard him. They are good men, bible reading men, church going men, moral men, but they don't hear God and because of this, they open themselves to the Pharisee spirit.

I stand unapologetic-ally to say that only the man who can hear God can speak for God. Such a man is a true vessel of God. It doesn't matter how he appears, where he grew up or how strange his methods are, the question is, is God with him, if indeed the Lord is with him then my only answer is 'speak lord, for your servant heareth..."

There is a lot of partial hearing in this age, men hear what is true but because they hear from a distance, they don't hear all God has to say. There is nothing more dangerous than hearing partially, you might hear what is true, but what you don't hear can destroy you. Men in the past have hindered moves of God because they heard partially .

Men know they have heard from God when the written word becomes the living word, when the letter kills but the spirit gives life and when what was once unseen becomes visible: the word becomes flesh; it can be touched and seen.

The world needs ministers who are moving with God. Such men will always be seen as contradictions because they preach a message about tomorrow to a people so used to yesterday. It is inevitable that children stuck in the past will denounce people sent by God to speak about things to come.

We need more men and women of God who are not partial hearers. People who know the voice of God even when like John the Baptist it comes in an unrecognizable form.

"Let him who has ears hear what the Spirit of the Lord says..." Rev 2:29.

Article By: Rabbi Daniel Malinga
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