There was once a man called Saul, he was chosen of the lord and anointed to be King. Unfortunately Saul failed to move with the new move of God and was rejected. He remained king but because God had moved on, Saul became a tradition.

God sent a prophet to pick someone who was flowing with the move of God. The prophet was tempted to pick someone who publicly people could see why God chose. Instead God chose someone who was winning private battles that no one knew about, someone who was not out for public opinion but after the favour of God. When the time came for David to be anointed, people wondered where he had come from, why would God choose him as King. Since very few were present when he was initially anointed, I'm sure they must have asked "who was it that anointed David King?"

One day Golaith challenged the nation and Saul and all his tradition could not save the people. David stood up and offered himself. While people thought he had come from nowhere he knew his private battles qualified him for the public victory. Saul wanted David to use his traditional methods, but God had other plans. The future King picked five stones and everyone wondered how a giant could be defeated with a stone. His methods were weird and unprecedented, but they were backed by God. David knew he would be misunderstood, but he went forward with his mission.

David slew Goliath and publicly became acclaimed. Saul being traditional got jealous and sought to kill the New move of God in David.
As Saul planned and looked for ways to have David killed, Jonathan a son born of Saul, recognised what was upon David and detached himself from Saul in order to connect to the New move in David. He recognised where the spirit of God was and moved with it. Saul had other sons but we don't know their names, they remained in what used to be anointed. They remained with Saul.

David and Jonathan loved each other more than they loved themselves. They made a covenant before God, "What is yours is mine and what is mine is yours". David swore that he would take care of the whole of Jonathan's household and thus a descendant of Jonathan who had never even acknowledged David was called into the royal household because of what Jonathan had done.

The people who connected to David at that time were seen as rejects, thieves and the filth of society, but David stood with them. These became his mighty men. Their feats are mentioned in scripture.

Years later David who initially was seen as an outsider, a child and someone who came from nowhere, was made King over all of Israel, just as God had promised. Saul died a terrible death fighting a battle he was not anointed to fight.
There is a mystery hidden in David.
He who has ears let him hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying.
Article By: Rabbi Daniel Malinga
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