Ecc 9:11 " I have seen under the sun that the race is not to the swift, the battle not to the strong, nor bread to the wise or riches to the intelligent, nor favor to those with knowledge, but time and chance happen to them all."

It took me awhile to realize, that there is a positioning in the realm of the spirit where a man living in time (under the sun) but seated in heavenly places, can be slow but win a race, weak and emerge victor in battle, deemed a fool but never hunger, lack intellect but be wealthy and be void of knowledge but have an abundance of favor. This means that there is something the Spirit of God considers that the rest of the world knows nothing about, something that makes foolish the ways of common man.

I have found that there are secrets, each with their own level of glory that are shortcuts to results. I also realized that the Bible was written in a manner that speaks to each man at his level of glory.

One man can learn to swim to cross the Red Sea, yet another man with the secret of raising a staff can separate that same Red Sea and walk through it without having to swim, yet even he pales in comparison to the man who has learned the secret of walking on water. In the end all these men cross the Red sea, but the methods they use have different levels of glory. The higher you go with each level, the fewer people you find, not because the higher levels are harder, but because they are less logical.

In the same way, (simply for example purposes) a man can save for years and finally build his house, while another man can learn the secret to being given a house. While learning the secret to being given a house, the second man has to tolerate being called illogical and a fool, but deep in his heart he reminds himself "Lord this race is not for the swift." When he finally gets his house the unconventional way, sooner and better than the first man, jealousy and hatred then come in, and the second man is labeled a cheat and a thief simply because his ways do not make sense. This doesn't mean saving is irrelevant, by all purposes it has its place, but I am certain that there are glories above it. I speak as one who has simply got things in one day that others are still saving for. There is a level of taking medicine and getting well, a higher level of simply laying hands and receiving healing and a level above that of divine health (never getting sick).

I used to argue with men who were determined that the lower level was the way to go until I realized that every man has their level of revelation and thus their level of glory. Healing is in the Bible, but so is health, saving is in the Bible but so is supernatural provision, one man can walk to a place, another man ran by the spirit to that place, while yet another simply appear there. All these are different levels of glory.

Lastly, in the above theme scripture, the wise man says time and chance happen to them all. He leaves a secret clue to getting some results. The understanding of times can be a man's speed, strength, wisdom, intellect and knowledge. One can read thousands of books on how to build a successful business but a man who knows God's timings can overtake him. Imagine, in the past men were trained to fight in battle as hard as they could and survive until the Sun went down, but Joshua was busy mastering the art of ensuring the Sun never went down.

Child of God, learn to master the spiritual seasons and timings of God (perhaps i'll elaborate on this on another occasion), you will earn an edge over all those who are planning to enjoy life twenty years from now because they are sacrificing pleasure and enjoyment today through keeping money. There are levels of glory I tell you, and our aim should always be to master the higher, because in all truth, I can't wait twenty years!!!
Article By: Rabbi Daniel Malinga
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